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Author Instructions for paper submission

Paper submission is made throught the EasyChair System (early), one of the authors must to create an user account and select the "New Submission" option on the main menu. Take into account the next guidelines for registering accordingly the information:

- Fields with asterisk (*) are required.
- On the Address of Correspondence field it must be registered a residence or work address, necessary to contact the authors if the email address fails.
- On the Authors field, it must be listed each one of the authors in the same order as in the manuscript. Basic information of the authors includes: Name, email, nationality and affiliation.
- On the Title, Abstract and Other Information field, it must be transcripted the title and abstract of the paper.
- On the Keywords field you must to register min. 3 and max. 5 words that best represent the area and content of your submission.
- On the Topics field you can choose one or more topics related with your work.
- Finally, the PDF file with the paper is selected and sended using the Upload Paper button.

Guidelines for oral presentation and poster:

1. Oral

2. Poster